What YOU need to know about my Lupus.



I have Lupus.  SLE.  Most non-autoimmune diseased people out there may have heard of it, but have no clue what it actually is.

I explain that it is an auto-immune disease. In basic terms, your body attacks itself. I tell them that no, it isn’t contagious.  After their sigh of relief, I explain that noone knows exactly what causes it, and no, there isn’t a cure.  Yet.

Doctors can help you to control your symptoms, try to treat the disease itself, and maybe, just maybe, your disease can go into remission.  Lupus can be serious, or it can be more mild, like mine. I am still livin’ and movin’, and most days I thrive. Yes, I take medications every day.  Time to get out of bed? Pills. Time to go to bed? Pills.  Feeling sore, stiff and swollen? Pills.

Lupus has made me a fighter.  If you had asked me years ago that I would be strong enough to fight a DISEASE, I may have said no.  I didn’t feel strong. I didn’t know what I had in me.  Lupus makes me appreciate every day.  When I feel dead tired, have a bright rash on my face, or I am tired of seeing my rheumatologist more than I see some of my friends, I just remember to be thankful that I am still fighting.


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