We Have News to Report!

Pregnancy Announcement


So, now that I am finally into my second trimester, we can tell everyone!!!


We found out right away that I was pregnant. In fact, I kind of felt it.  We were in Chicago on a trip for A’s work when I took a test… and it was VERY positive!

Pregnancy Test


We of course were elated and our families were so excited.  It was kind of nice to be on vacation (at least a vacation for me) because it gave me time to do all the calling I needed to… doctor’s offices galore!  I wasn’t very far along at that point, but it just felt so awesome to know there a little being growing inside of me! It was so hard not to tell anyone!


We had our first ultrasound at 8 weeks and got a cute little picture of the little one… which I still think greatly resembles a baby seahorse.  But everything was looking great, I was feeling pretty good outside of the normal pregnancy stuff!  It was all great news.  🙂



My sister took that great shot of us with the pumpkins for our announcement.  I wasn’t really even showing yet, but we were just too excited to not tell everyone!

Last week, we had our next ultrasound and I had bloodwork for sequential testing.  We were set to meet our perinatologist for the first time and had a quick check up with my ob.  We were only doing the sequential testing as a precaution.  I am only 32, but we just wanted to know for sure if something were going on.

We had our ultrasound first.  We figured it would be routine… check on the baby, get the nuchal measurements and we would meet with the perinatologist and we would be on our way.

The ultrasound tech got started on the ultrasound.  She asked if we had had an ultrasound yet this pregnancy, and I told her yes, we had, the month before.

She replied, “So, then you know there are two in there, right?”

Cue immediate shock on our parts!

Yes, we are having twins!

I started crying and I think A was just in awe.  There are definitely two little babies in there!

Defying Lupus - Twins

They are fraternal twins, each with their own sac and placenta. Everything is looking great so far!

Now that the cat is out of the bag I will update again soon, I promise!


Twins Announcement

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