The important days.

I worked 9 of the last 10 days, and the day I had off I helped my sister and her family move.  Life has been super busy, and I am SO glad today is here!

Other than heading out with some friends this afternoon and then movies with my new hubby, we don’t have anything planned!

When you have Lupus you find out just how important these ‘off’ days are.  Even though I don’t think I am in a flare right now, I still need time to rest and recharge.  And working 9 out of 10 days is a little bit too much for this Lupie.


I have learned you have to take every opportunity you can to rest.  Some friends of ours were having a bbq last night. I didn’t get off work til close to 8 pm after a busy day, I had my hour commute home still to go.  I would have to run home, get a change of clothes, then head to our friend’s house.  I knew I would be overdoing it if I tried.  So instead, I begged off, went home, had some dinner and was in bed way earlier than I would have if I had gone to the bbq.

It does stink that I sometimes miss out on things, just another sucky thing about lupus… but I am learning to make the best of things.  🙂

I hope everyone has a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend!!


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