Some days.

So, this is how my day started…

I woke up 10 minutes late. It took me another 5 minutes to get out of bed. When you get up 60 minutes before you are supposed to leave, that doesn’t leave you much time to get beautified, or in my case, wear matching socks.

I skipped the shower and threw on some clothes. I brushed my teeth and hurriedly applied some makeup, because if I don’t, it ain’t pretty. Especially at 6 am.

I made my super tasty smoothie for breakfast, got my lunch and a snack together.  I said goodbye to the fiance and the dog, and drove off. I then pulled right back in the driveway because I forgot my cell phone.

I was running 5 minutes late and already 15 minutes into my 55 minute commute when I realized I had left my lunch bag sitting on the kitchen counter.

I was 2 hours into my work day when I realized I didn’t know where my engagement ring was.

I felt like I’d left my brain at home also.

I was so frustrated with myself.  I just woke up with a really foggy brain, as we Lupies sometimes do. It happens. Some days, I just have to cut myself a little slack.

I still did my best to have a great day.

I saw this sunrise on my way to work.  I get to take one of the prettiest drives everyday.


Even though I was tired and could have used a couple more hours of sleep, I gave myself a mental pep talk about being more positive and looking on the bright side. I’m not DYING. I can make it through the day.  Quit glowering at people. Smile, darnit.

On my break, I went for a run.  I told myself I was doing well, since I was able to do this only because I REMEMBERED my running shoes and clothes.  That run made my day. I am moving right along in my 1/2 training plan and I know I’ll sleep great tonight because of the exercise I got.  Especially since those hills kicked my bootay.

I didn’t get my Paleo lunch, or snack.  I still kept to eating as well as I could and had a salad from work.

I was so tempted to just throw the whole day away and get some Wendy’s on my way home.  But I didn’t.  I came home, ate some yummy Paleo Gumbo, and a pear for dessert. Instead of fries.  And ice cream. And all kinds of notgoodforme things I was craving.

Some days, it is about doing the best you can with what you have and not giving up or giving in.

Hope you all have a GREAT week!


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