One of my best days yet!

3.7.13So, today was a pretty great day!

I’ve been wearing my Bodymedia Fit Link for over a week now, but this was the first day I hit the majority of my goals.

I burned 2600+ calories and it is only 8 pm!  A great calorie deficit… plenty of steps taken.  Only thing I didn’t manage to hit straight on was my sleep duration last night.  I stayed up too late and had to get up too early.  I’ll try better tonight!

I am such an information nerd, but I love seeing all these totals.  It really helps me to just focus on making my day great.  And let me tell ya, it makes it really hard to lie to yourself!  You can’t tell yourself you don’t know why you’re not losing weight if you know how many calories you’ve taken in, and the Bodymedia Fit tells you how many you’ve burned. It’s black and white, right there in front of you why you haven’t lost anything if you don’t have a deficit.

Love it!



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