My Favorite Apps for Healthy Living

These apps have all helped me tremendously to stay healthier in my day to day life.  Check them out and tell me what you think!


Sparkpeople appSparkpeople – My go-to app for tracking food and exercise. Goes hand in hand with their website.








lose it appLose It – My 2nd favorite app for tracking calories!  I do like the interface for this app better than the Sparkpeople app, but since I have YEARS of data stored with Sparkpeople, it would be tough to break away from that app.



webmdWebmd – This app allows you to check out slide shows, browse articles, and research health and wellness questions you may have.  Plus it feeds the minds of hypochondriacs everywhere!




endo appEndomondo – From running, biking, cycling and hiking, track (and share!) your workouts.  This is my favorite running app!!






big oven appBigoven – Though not a ‘Healthy Living’ app, it definitely helps me keep our kitchen and food organized. Write your grocery list, find new recipes, and add recipes on the go.



period appPeriod Tracker – This ones for the girls! Track your period dates, ovulation and fertile days, your moods and your symptoms.








bodymedia appBodyMedia Fit – Though a little buggy at times, I use this app constantly when I wear my BodyMedia Fit to track what calories I have burned.







couch-to-5k-app-3C25k free – My favorite app for beginner runners! Plus, did you notice it is FREE?






android-relax-and-sleepRelax and Sleep – I need some type of ambient noise to sleep most nights.  Relax and sleep is a great app that includes 35+ different sounds to help you relax and fall asleep.






What are your favorite apps? Please share!!

Tell me what you think!

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