Love days like these.

I slept for over 11 hours last night! I feel fantastic!!

This weekend A and I had some friends over for dinner.  We spent a lot of the day on Saturday doing some spring cleaning.  It feels soooo good to have it done.  I ended up burning around 3,000 calories that day, and I didn’t even work out! I made dinner, our friends came over and we had a great time eating and playing Spades later on.

For Easter yesterday we went to my sister’s house for dinner, and watched my nieces and nephew hunt for eggs.  We Skyped with my brother and sister-in-law who are stationed with the Air Force in England for awhile.  So good to actually be able to see them.

Afterwards A and I went to his aunt’s house and ate MORE.  It was like a weekend of eating.  We didn’t stay too long as it seemed everyone was clearing out by the time we got there.  It is hard trying to split time on holidays between two families.

We came home, let the pups out and watched Anna Karenina.  We played with the pups for awhile afterwards and then went to bed… where I commenced my record breaking 11+ hours of sleepytime.

Today, I ended up getting the day off (though I am working Saturday) so I managed to get a long weekend by accident!  Here in just a bit I will be taking the dogs for a LONG walk and then working on addressing invitations! Just a little over 2 months til our wedding. I am getting more and more nervous.  So much to do.

Have been holding steady weight-wise around 163-164.  I am going to work this week on working out MORE and movingmovingmoving.  I need to quit eating so much junk. And sweets! My sweets consumption has been terrible! I am going to keep my calories under 2,000 each day on the weekends, and try to be more cognizant of making sure I am getting more fruits and veggies and less bread/pasta etc.

Well, I am off to take the pup for a walk! Have a healthy day!

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