Linking up!

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What blogs do you love?

I am trying to find more blogs to read and link up with! Anything to do with what interests me (healthy living, lupus, running, autoimmune issues, ERF-ing, etc.) would be awesome!  

Leave me a link to YOUR blog and a few others that interest you!!


Hope you’re having a fantastic day!!

9 thoughts on “Linking up!”

  1. Erin – Thanks for your comment, I will definitely keep that in mind the next time I am looking at supplements. Take care sweetie. =)

  2. I just found your site and am about to subscribe. I’m interested in starting a running routine but am nervous due to having asthma and Lupus. I’m praying all will work out. I’m a blogger too but haven’t blogged much in a while. Check me out! Have a great day!

    1. I will definitely check out your blog!
      I am starting to run again too, though I don’t have asthma. If I were you I would just start out super slow. Have you checked out the C25k program?

      1. Yes! I actually just got a C25k app on my phone! I was doing research to see if I should just walk next week, to get used to brisk walking, then start the running routine the following week. Since I’m doing a MWF plan, I’ll see how this week goes! 🙂

        1. Might not be a bad idea to start with a week of walking. Smart thinking. Since I haven’t run in months, I am starting the program again just to ease my way back in to running. Good luck!! Let me know how it goes!

  3. My website is I stumbled across your blog as I looked for other lupus patients who are trying to run–so many people have told me it’s not possible.

    1. It is very possible, if you are cleared by your physicians. I plan on getting back to it, very slowly at first, once I am cleared for exercise! I will check out your blog, thanks for your note!

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