Jillian Michaels Body Revolution – Week 2 Review


I loved Week 2!

Basically you’re repeating what you did in Week 1. Since you’re doing things you’ve done before, I was able to push myself more. I’m not the most coordinated person in the world, so the first couple of times doing each workout it was torturous trying to make my body cooperate with what I wanted it to do. After a couple go arounds, it was much easier in a way, but still tough because I could push harder.

I did run for my two days of cardio though. I had the opportunity to take the pups out for a run each day that cardio was scheduled so I took full advantage of it.

I am a day behind now. I had started week 3 on Tuesday so I could have my rest days on Mondays (a long day for me at work). I ended up taking an extra rest day because I was fighting off a bug (or something). I felt really lethargic and had no appetite. I just felt like I needed an extra rest. I went ahead and worked out on Wednesday though. I felt terrible going into the workout, but felt relieved to be finished once I was done. Finally by Thursday I was feeling better.

I am going to skip my rest day this week to try to catch up a bit. We are headed out of town this weekend and I am going to miss some workouts, so I want to get in as much as I can before we leave.

Back to my review… I am feeling MUCH more toned overall. I haven’t seen a huge change on the scale though my clothes are fitting looser. My flexibility is probably the best it has been in years, maybe longer. My hamstrings and core have NEVER been super flexible, and I can see a big improvement there. These workouts have been challenging, but it has definitely been worth the work so far! I know I am not PERFECT when I’m doing these workouts, but I really try to put everything I have into them.

If you are thinking of trying Body Revolution, I would definitely recommend it so far!


Yes, I am drinking the Jillian Kool-Aid!


What workouts are you doing right now?

Do you prefer to do cardio DVD’s or do your own workout?

What have you found that helps you the most with flexibility?

Tell me what you think!