In My Life

After seeing Les Miserables this past weekend, I’ve had the music stuck in my head all week!

Happy Friday!

It seems like my life has been filled with all things wedding planning here lately.  That isn’t a bad thing, but I don’t want to get so caught up in one day in the future that I miss today!

This week I have worked, and sewed.  Sewing different things for the wedding,  That’s about it. Oh and spent money… on wedding stuff.

I am so excited though because I bought my veil!! It is beautiful.  *sigh*

Today, I am hoping to have some appointments at work, and work on the ring bearer’s pillow.  I am certainly making this a DIY wedding.

Today, I am starting ChaLean Extreme. I have GOT to do something.  I feel so unmotivated workout wise.  I don’t know where that fire went.  :/

Tell me what you think!