How Healthy is your Liver?

Just when you think things are going well with you Lupie-health-wise!

I had my regularly yearly physical with my PCP this past week.  I had normal bloodwork done and a lot looked the same: low white blood cell count, (mainly neutrophils, my norm) a little anemic, slightly low platelets.  Actually pretty normal/healthy for me.

What wasn’t normal? My liver enzymes.


A couple of years ago when I was having gallbladder issues, my enzymes were slightly elevated which led my doctors to know something was going on, along with the gallbladder attacks I was having.  Once I had my gallbladder surgery, they evened out and were in the normal ranges directly after my surgery, and then again when I had my physical bloodwork last year.

The highest my AST was 43 IU/L previously, this time: 83.  Normal is 12-32 IU/L.

My ALT? Normal is 4-36 my highest before was 61 IU/L.  This time? 127!

WTH?  I am not a heavy drinker (normally 1-2 glasses a wine a week, 3-4 at the most) and do not take a lot of Tylenol or ibuprofen. I have still been taking Lexapro, and so we are reducing my dose to see if that will help.

I’ve been having some abdominal pain (not liver area though, more on my left side) and hives.  My PCP ordered an abdominal ultrasound for me, and everything came back normal.  I am beginning to wonder if it is a digestive issue, mainly gluten intolerance.  It would make sense as the BEST I have ever felt was when I was eating strict Paleo.

I see my rheumatologist Tuesday morning and have more bloodwork.  I am going to talk with him about being tested for gluten intolerance/Celiac Disease.  Unless they have any other bright ideas.

I am just trying to focus on being positive, and hopeful that we will figure out what is going on. I have not been having any other Lupus flare symptoms (knock on wood) and I have been off Prednisone for over 2 months now, which is darn exciting!  Plus I have been learning a lot about the liver.  🙂

I WILL get some answers and try to be as healthy as I can in the meantime!


Anyone else out there have any liver issues?

What is your experience with gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease?

Tell me what you think!