HAWMC Day 12 – Hindsight


Today’s Prompt: If you could go back in time and talk to yourself (or your loved one) on the day of diagnosis, what would you say?

Oh Erin.

Everything is going to be alright. I promise.  You are relieved to have a diagnosis, because you have known for awhile now that something is wrong, but at the same time… you didn’t want it to be lupus.

I know it seems like everything is coming at you very fast. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and to make sure you receive the help you need.  Don’t be afraid to ask for support from the people closest to you.

Don’t be afraid.

This diagnosis is not the end.  This flare is not the end.  Stay positive, keep your chin up. You are strong.



This is for today’s Erin, too.


unshaped dreams

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