For You.

When I am asked what has kept me going with all the stops and starts I’ve had with my weight loss, I only have one answer: You have to really want it, just for YOU.

In 2008 I was so miserable and unhappy with the way I felt and the way I looked. I looked back at how many years I had wasted feeling that way and I knew I had to make a change in my life. I was so tired of not being the person I wanted to be! I wanted to feel GREAT.

I’ve tried other ways to motivate myself… Upcoming occasions, looking hot for my fiance, finding inspiration in other’s weight loss, or being able to go running with friends. But none of it holds a candle to the spark of ME being who I want to be.

Sometimes it can be found with just a little momentum, a little taste of how good you can feel. Sometimes you can find it in the confidence you gain after working out. You’ll find yourself enjoying it, knowing that you’re doing great things for your body and your mind that you’ll gain a little confidence.

You don’t have to run a marathon or eat greens all day long. Start by taking a walk or eating a healthy breakfast. Treat your body well and give it what it needs! You’ll find yourself feeling like you never have before. Your body will work for you and show you what it’s got! Your mind will be clearer and you’ll be able to do the things you want to do.

If you want this for YOU, you CAN do this. I promise. 🙂

I have to remember this for myself EVERY DAY. I want this for ME, and that is all the motivation I need.

2 thoughts on “For You.”

  1. As I have always told you, you are such an inspiration! I enjoy readying you blogs! Today I completed my “official” 5k it was AWESOME! I will be doing the turkey trot on Thanksgiving Day! Im going to be training for a half, so any training info you can sent my way, please do!! I would love to do a half Dec 16th but that only gives me six weeks to train. I have been running for a few weeks and I’ve been doing resistance training on my elliptical so that will help. I will just wait and see how I feel, If I’m not ready by then there will be plenty of marathons to so this spring 🙂 I cannot wait for the day I say goodbye to diabetes!!!

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