Feeling okay.

Same ole, same ole round here! Work. Spending time with my hubby, family.

What have I not been doing? Eating well and/or moving.  I have been eating out too much, eating too much sugar, and I think my behind has become one with our recliner.

That has got to change.


So, today, I am taking my dogs for a long-a$$ walk and I am going to eat healthy foods.  And no eating out.

More bloodwork yesterday. The good news is that it looked stable.  Low wbc’s, this time lymphocytes, and only slightly low platelets.  So that is definitely improvement!

I see my rheumatologist in October, and we will talk about tapering my Prednisone further at the point.  Though, I could email him and see about doing it sooner.  I don’t know! I am feeling okay.  I hate to mess with a good thing.  He has said he doesn’t want to treat me based on my bloodwork, but on how I feel and other symptoms.  I have heard so many horror stories about tapering after being on Prednisone for an extended time, I guess I am just scared.

Enough of that!

Here’s to a healthy day today!

Tell me what you think!