C25k Progress – Done with Week 3!

3-16-16 run


This was Week 4 Day 1 of C25k!  I’m taking the day off today as yesterday felt a little rough.  I have been going through the program a little faster than is suggested… but only because it has felt great so far!

(Don’t know what C25k is?  Check out this link here!)

I have been trying out new (to me) walking trails and paths around our area and have been discovering some really beautiful and fun places to run.  98% of my runs have been pushing the boys in the jogging stroller though. And let me tell you, it has made C25k a lot more difficult.  But I do feel like I am getting into better shape quicker than I would have otherwise.

I have already signed up for a 5k on April 23rd (right after the boys’ first birthday!) (omg!) and if I keep on track I should be running the race instead of doing walking/jogging intervals.  If I’m not that far along, I’m fine with that too… but my goal is to be running and not walking at that point.

And, since I won’t be pushing a jogging stroller, I should be supa fast, right? Ha!

I think I am finally far enough along in the C25k training program that I don’t feel slightly hopeless and totally out of shape. It still isn’t fun, per-say… but I am enjoying my runs more and more. And I am definitely enjoying the way I feel afterwards.  Running for me is definitely addicting.  <<<<One thing I thought I would never say.

If you would have asked me a month ago if I felt like getting back in shape within a couple months was possible I would have laughed in your silly face.  I was getting winded just taking the boys on walks.  I thought having lupus would slow my efforts down, but like I said in my last blog, I just keep telling myself I can do this, and that I can change my body and that I AM.

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