Busy life.

I have been feeling better! I think the little jump in my Prednisone helped.  I am back to my regular dose now.

I have, however, been working A LOT.  I think I need to slow down.  I was truly exhausted and miserable yesterday.  I need to focus more on getting sleep and learning how to say no.  It is very hard to do when you are a people-pleaser and a little too type A for your own good.

I have been doing great at eating better and trying to exercise more.  I can tell a definite difference in how I feel when I’m putting good food into my body!  Plus, I have lost a little body fat and gained a little bit of muscle. Just need to keep it up!

Today, Austin and I are off to a family get together for my sister, Tracey’s birthday. I will be glad to see the fam and spend some time relaxing.

I won’t be working as much this week so I will hopefully be updating more!!

Tell me what you think!