Busy but awesome weekend!

I’ve had a very long weekend.  Which is why I haven’t been around here much.  We have 7 weeks until the wedding and my life is already feeling a little crazy!

Yesterday morning, my sister, Marie came into town from St. Louis for a short trip.  Marie and I ran to a few stores to pick up some things to do some wedding projects and then met my mom for lunch.

Afterwards, we came back to my house and made an awesome surprise for the wedding ceremony decor. It took us quite awhile to make, but it was pretty fun to work with them and get it done! We spent time talking and just relaxing.  Fun!

Then it was time for my first dress alterations appointment!  I was really very nervous.  I had ordered my dress not too long after Austin and I were engaged last February. It came in that July, and I went and tried it on. It fit, but it wasn’t pretty. It was quite tight across the tummy and I just knew I had a little work to do.

Yesterday it was too big! At least in the bust and the waist. So I know my hard work the past couple of weeks or so has paid off!  The seamstress will take it in and I have my next appointment in a few weeks. I’ve been told not to lose any more weight though. But I WILL continue to try and tone up. Especially my arms. Eek.  But, I felt MUCH more comfortable in it, and left the appointment feeling relieved.

Austin met us for dinner at a Mexican restaurant where I ate way too much chips and salsa!  Dad got into town not too long before we were finishing up at the restaurant and he met us there for a few minutes.  It was nice to relax, sit and talk.  I really do love spending time with my family.

We split up from Mom and Dad. Austin, Marie and I stopped at the store and got ice cream (bad) and wine (badder).  We came back to our house and watched a movie and went to bed pretty early.  Apparently crafting, trying on dresses and eating a lot tired me out!

Today, we went out for breakfast (more eating out, do you detect a theme here?) and then said goodbye to Marie as she headed home. Austin and I picked up the pups and headed out to my parent’s house to help work on the space where we will be having the ceremony and reception on their land.

We spent a few hours out there helping to cut down a couple trees, clear some brush and clean up fallen limbs.  My sister and her family were out too, so we had fun working altogether.  Our dogs ran around like crazy and tired themselves out (just how we love them).  I was also really exhausted. I think my blood pressure was super low too because I felt pretty woozy and dizzy whenever I tried to bend over and then stand up straight again.  Bleh. I am tired tonight, but feel better now.

After a few hours work we stopped and headed back up to the house for steaks, salad and baked sweet potatoes for dinner. It was super yum.  And then, of course… More ice cream!

We stayed for a little while just talking afterwards, and then headed home before we got too tired to make the hour drive back.

It’s been a long, awesome weekend, and I’m sad it is over. We only have 55 (almost 54) days til the wedding and I know that this time is going to go by so fast, so I am really trying to cherish it now. It has been exciting and fun so far!

Off to bed! Work tomorrow!


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