Are You a Perfectionist?

Some facets of my thinking are very black and white. All or nothing.  I am like this with a lot of things. I tend not to do something unless I can do it perfectly.  Unfortunately this doesn’t always work very well with me in the real world. 🙂

I am not perfect.  People around me are not perfect. I can’t have all the control, all the time.  And after some counseling and reading and thinking, I’ve learned it is really a sign of deeper insecurity.

I have a really tough time with all of this when it comes to health.  I either want to eat perfectly or I just want to give up.  But I am learning to focus on PROGRESS, and not trying to be perfect.

progress not perfection 2

I heard a great analogy the other day.  Say you’re driving your car and you get a flat tire.  You aren’t going to get out of the car and slash your other three tires! You’re going to fix the flat, get back in your car and keep on drivin’.

The same thing with living a healthly life.  You can’t just give up if you have one crappy day of eating. No, you’re going to get back on the proverbial healthy-living horse and keep on, keepin’ on.

This isn’t giving me free reign to binge on junk food and laze on the couch 24/7, but it is keeping my focus on growth and a steady pace instead of sprinting towards perfection. I’m learning to be less hard on myself, and just aim for a little more consistency.


Hope you have a healthy day!

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