A Breather.

When you have lupus, it can be so hard to find that fine line between doing what you can and doing too much.

I find I am too much of a perfectionist. Sometimes I really just try too hard.  I try too hard to do, I say yes too much. I try too hard to please. I go and go and go. And then I’m stopped.


So this week, I am tired.  I feel down, a little physically and mentally.  Mother Nature isn’t helping me with all this ragweed, so I’m taking Claritin and Benedryl like it is going out of style.  

I’ve slept about 10-11 hours every night, yet still fall into bed exhausted.  I sleep and sleep and sleep. I feel like I could sleep right now.


My body is telling me to take a break, so I’m giving it one.  I’m trying to eat nutritious foods and not stress myself out about it.  

Sometimes you just have to let go of doing, and just take a breather.

4 thoughts on “A Breather.”

  1. Maybe it’s the season or the allergies? I’ve been feeling the exact same way the past few weeks. I think my problem is that when I finally get a “good day” I run myself ragged and collapse and start the cycle all over again…

  2. Thank you for sharing!
    Felt myself so much better, after reading your post. Reminded me that im not alone like that and its not me being lazy.. (My husband is being very supportive, but sometimes i feel so guilty for being so tired all the time.. )))

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