8 Week Weight Loss / Get Healthy Challenge

Tomorrow I start an 8 week challenge with some family and friends! I am so excited! We are all putting $15 in a pool, and so I have a possibility of making some $$.  Why is it that money and a challenge makes me so much more excited than trying to look good for my own wedding? Haha.

If you’d like to check it out, we are following the plan from the Six Sister’s website found HERE.

Speaking of wedding junk… I was able to get a lot accomplished with the help of my sisters and my mom this weekend.  My sister Marie came into town (she is my MOH) and we nailed down a spot for my wedding shower and some tentative plans for my bachelorette party.  We also attended a bridal show (in hopes of winning something) but it was probably the most fun bridal show I’ve been to thus far!  We hit up a coffee shop afterwards for something warm to drink and some food. Afterwards we went to the bridal shop where I got my dress to finalize the bridesmaids dress plans.

Here is the dress my gals will be wearing:

BM dress

It is so cute and flattering!  I think they are gonna look great.


The weather turned cold here in Missouri the last few days.  I know we have been pretty fortunate so far this winter, but today was a shock! We got some freezing rain last night, and today was feeling pretty cold for us spoiled Missourians.  I had one Raynaud’s attack in my hands today but managed to get it under control pretty fast.

My feet have been a different story.  I’ve been having multiple attacks.  Though only a few have been painful, I’ve been having at least one a day for the past month. I try my best to keep my feet dry and warm, but I’ll have an attack and not even realize it at first.  It definitely has gotten a lot worse this winter.  In fact, I’m having an attack right now.  : / I’m sitting in my Snuggie WITH an electric blanket on high. My hands are still cold and even with one our dogs sitting on my feet (obviously enjoying the warm blanket too) my feet are still cold.

It is now spreading down into the balls of my feet.


This was taken a few days ago.  I was having an attack IN THE SHOWER. All of my toes and the balls of both feet were numb and white. I took this picture after I started to warm up, and it was getting better.  I’ll just show this to the rheumatologist the next time I see him.

I didn’t mean for this blog to become such a downer!  I have been feeling okay, and made it through some busy weeks at work just fine.  I am still at the same mg of Prednisone I was before,  but am somewhat stable.  I have bloodwork done in a couple of weeks.  We’ll just see how things go!

Tell me what you think!