7 weeks!

No, I’m not pregnant.

7 weeks til the wedding!


Here are my goals for this week:

3 days – 1/2 hour cardio

3 days – strength training

2 days – yoga or Pilates

It is hard to say I will do things on specific days because some days with being busy at work and Lupus off days I may not feel up to strength training, but may feel good enough to go on a walk or do some yoga.  I just like to have main goals.

Also: EAT REAL FOOD. As much as possible. Try to limit sweets and processed junk. I am not trying to lose weight until after the wedding, so I will just try to maintain and tone up.  I plan to stay around 2,000-2,500 calories, depending on how many calories I am burning per day. I will still wear my Bodymedia Fit to figure that all out. 🙂

Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!

Tell me what you think!