Man, I’ve been so busy lately it seems like I am only updating once a week or so!!

Work will probably slow down here for the next couple of weeks, which will be nice before summer hits.  So hopefully I will have more time to update, and work out!

I am definitely ready for warmer weather to be here though.  The temperature has been going up and down quite a bit. It is cool and rainy here today.  Right now I am sitting here watching New Girl in my Snuggie and slippers, using my warm hand mouse… really wanting warmer temps.

Before Lupus and when I was more overweight, I LOVED winter.  I hated summer, dreading being hot and sweaty.  Now, my temperature runs a little lower, and I get cold easily (even inside).  It takes me a lot during the summer to get HOT.  Plus, staying warmer means no Raynaud’s attacks!

The only tough thing about summer is trying to stay out of the sun. Wearing 449234987 gallons of sunscreen and being a little fearful that I will go into a flare.

Maybe one of these days they’ll find a cure, and I can bask in the sun again!


My weight has been sitting between 163 and 164 every day.  I just have to stick with it, watching my calories and keep exercising! I’m trying not to pay too much attention to the scale, and just go by how my body feels.  It’s tough.  Gotta keep on, keepin’ on!

Tell me what you think!