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Lupus Awareness Month Day 2

May is Lupus Awareness Month!

Here is our fact for Day 2: Lupus affects nine times more women than men, and more women of color than white women. African-American and Latina women with no family history of lupus have about a one in 250 chance of developing the disease.

May is #LupusAwarenessMonth

In honor of May being Lupus Awareness Month, I am sharing a fact about lupus every day in May. Please share and raise awareness about lupus and its impact on the lives of millions of people like me, and our families.

Lupus Fact 1: There’s no cure for lupus, so current treatments include a focus on improving quality of life through controlling symptoms and minimizing flare-ups.

Please share! Let’s raise awareness so we may find a cure!


put on purple


Outside of the tv show House, most people have never even heard of lupus. We need to change that!! -Erin

Lupus is one of the cruelest, most mysterious diseases on earth—an unpredictable and misunderstood autoimmune
disease that ravages different parts of the body. Research shows lupus is more pervasive and more severe than people think, and has an impact that the public doesn’t realize. You can change that! Help the Lupus Foundation of America raise awareness of lupus and show support for those who suffer from its brutal impact.

On May 20th, Put on Purple™ to show your support for the millions of people affected by lupus. It’s an easy way to raise awareness about this cruel and mysterious disease. Learn more by visiting lupus.org/putonpurple and submit your photos at putonpurple.tumblr.com!

-From the Lupus Foundation of America

May 10th is Lupus Awareness Day

Head on over to WorldLupusDay.Org and sign the petition to help make lupus a priority for the World Health Organization!


What is lupus

HAWMC Day 8 – Weight Loss & Health Update


I decided to forgo the prompt for today’s HAWMC entry.  Instead I wanted to update my blog on what I have been doing to lose some weight!

  1. Eating between 1200-1700 calories/day. I am trying to keep my calorie deficit around 1,000 calories. My goal is to burn 2,600 calories or more per day,
  2. Trying (my best) to EAT REAL FOOD. This is definitely something I need to be a little stricter about. I think I would see better results!
  3. Walking or doing 30DS at least every other day.
  4. Sleeping. A lot. Or at least as much as I can.
  5. Drinking around 80 oz of water per day.  I sweat a lot.  My skin has been looking really great because of drinking more water and less tea and soda.  In fact, I haven’t had a Diet Coke in over a month! That is huge for me!!

This was Saturday. I ended up filling in at work, and had a really busy day! I didn’t even exercise this day…  My calorie deficit wasn’t huge, but I moved a LOT!


I have been feeling pretty good. I think the good food and lots o’ sleep have a lot to do with it.

I had an appointment with my rheumatologist last Friday.  Bloodwork wasn’t GOOD, but it wasn’t TERRIBLE.  We talked about it, and I will see him again in six months if all keeps going well.  I will continue to have bloodwork done every month or so.  We discussed tapering down on my Prednisone, and I told him I would like to stay at the dose I am at at least until after the wedding.  I don’t want to start to taper down and possibly go into a flare.  Plus, I figure with the extra stress and everything we will have going on, it just isn’t the best time.  When I see him again in six months we will discuss it again.

Anyway, I’m off to bed, hope you are having a healthy week!


What YOU need to know about my Lupus.



I have Lupus.  SLE.  Most non-autoimmune diseased people out there may have heard of it, but have no clue what it actually is.

I explain that it is an auto-immune disease. In basic terms, your body attacks itself. I tell them that no, it isn’t contagious.  After their sigh of relief, I explain that noone knows exactly what causes it, and no, there isn’t a cure.  Yet.

Doctors can help you to control your symptoms, try to treat the disease itself, and maybe, just maybe, your disease can go into remission.  Lupus can be serious, or it can be more mild, like mine. I am still livin’ and movin’, and most days I thrive. Yes, I take medications every day.  Time to get out of bed? Pills. Time to go to bed? Pills.  Feeling sore, stiff and swollen? Pills.

Lupus has made me a fighter.  If you had asked me years ago that I would be strong enough to fight a DISEASE, I may have said no.  I didn’t feel strong. I didn’t know what I had in me.  Lupus makes me appreciate every day.  When I feel dead tired, have a bright rash on my face, or I am tired of seeing my rheumatologist more than I see some of my friends, I just remember to be thankful that I am still fighting.


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