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Working on the Genetic Autoimmune Puzzle

I was reading this article about new research on lupus, genes and why it seems to afflict more men than women: https://www.statnews.com/2018/01/29/lupus-women-genetics/

So interesting!  I know I have genes that make me more susceptible to lupus and other autoimmune issues. I’m going to have to do more research of my own on this.

Have you had genetic testing? Did you find any interesting anomalies? Did you find any genes linked to lupus?

23andMe Lupus Study

23andMe Lupus Study

Over 2,000 people with lupus have submitted their saliva to 23andMe for DNA testing for the lupus study they are conducting.  Though they are still short of their goal of the 5,000 people they need to start their analysis.

Last fall, I signed up and received my kit in the mail.  There is health information to fill out, and you have to submit a vial of saliva (which is much easier than you would initially think).  For participating in this study you receive your test kit for free!  In fact, by filling out a few follow-up health surveys I have received Amazon gift cards just for my time.  However, this is nothing compared to what I have received by learning about my genetic makeup, and the information they will hopefully find out about lupus.

While they are finding new lupus genes, I hope you will consider participating in this study.  Check out 23andme.com/lupus.  It is SO important to have more studies done on lupus and the genetic components of this disease.  We need to find a cure. I’m one of the lucky ones who, at this point in my journey, has a mild case that is not life-threatening. But, there are still 10-15% of people with lupus who will die prematurely due to this disease.  Please, if you have lupus, go to the website and just do some research: 23andme.com/lupus.

Let’s get closer to a cure!!

If you don’t have lupus, but would still like to have your DNA tested, you can still order your kit today! <<referral link!!