12 Tips on Staying Inspired

Loved this, so thought I’d share. Enjoy!


Staying Inspired

A New Adventure.

Yesterday, I got in to see my newest friend... a gastroenterologist! Due to some digestive issues, he recommended I start a low FODMAP diet.  I started today. Tomorrow I am having a liver biopsy.  What a lousy way to get a day off work!  The GI … [Continue reading]

Are You a Perfectionist?

Some facets of my thinking are very black and white. All or nothing.  I am like this with a lot of things. I tend not to do something unless I can do it perfectly.  Unfortunately this doesn't always work very well with me in the real world. :) I … [Continue reading]

Protect Yourself!

After 4 days on a Florida beach in 2008 I got a skin rash caused by the sun. At that time doctors just diagnosed me with polymorphic light eruption, or your basic sun sensitivity. Looking back now, we know what really caused this: lupus. Did you … [Continue reading]

Inflammation Fighters!

Inflammation is your immune system's built in defense mechanism for fighting infection.  But when your body can't turn off the inflammation (like with lupus, or other auto-immune diseases) or you give it too many inflammation-causing … [Continue reading]

How Communication Can Help Save a Life

322,000.  That is how many people are said to have lupus in the US. Bloggers with lupus are constantly talking about awareness and education. But according to a study from 2012 there is a giant communication gap between lupus sufferers, caretakers … [Continue reading]

My Spring 2014 Workout Playlist

Like a Bullet Train! I've been trying to motivate myself lately to workout more. A huge way I do that is with great music to listen to.   I tell myself to get in at least 10 minutes... then I can quit if I want.  Normally by the time 10 … [Continue reading]

How Healthy is your Liver?

Just when you think things are going well with you Lupie-health-wise! I had my regularly yearly physical with my PCP this past week.  I had normal bloodwork done and a lot looked the same: low white blood cell count, (mainly neutrophils, my norm) … [Continue reading]

10 Things You Must Tell Yourself Today

Here is what I am focusing on today:                                       (From Marc and … [Continue reading]

My Favorite Apps for Healthy Living

These apps have all helped me tremendously to stay healthier in my day to day life.  Check them out and tell me what you think!   Sparkpeople - My go-to app for tracking food and exercise. Goes hand in hand with their … [Continue reading]