Body Changes in Pregnancy

Thanks to healthline.com for this excellent infographic on how the female body changes  in pregnancy and what the specific causes are. As a first-time pregnant gal, it was nice to see all the information explained so clearly! Hope you will read on!


How a woman’s body changes when she’s pregnant


16 Weeks Pregnancy Update

How far along? 16 weeks Size of Babies: The size of avocados! Total weight gain/loss: -10, +8! Symptoms: Fatigue (as usual), a little nausea, some low back pain, indigestion and some heartburn. Sounds fun, right? Let's throw in some weepiness for … [Continue reading]

15 Weeks!

I'm late with my update (again), and there's no photo for 15 weeks... Sorry!  Things have been super hectic with work, so I promise to get a picture this weekend. How far along? 15 weeks Size of Babies: Oranges! Total weight gain/loss: -10, … [Continue reading]

14 Week Pregnancy Update

Just started my 15th week, so I am a tad late with this update, but I have been super busy with work and life... and being pregnant. So there! I was really not feeling well the day we took this picture, hence the fake … [Continue reading]

13 Week Update

I'm finally starting to really show! Here I was at 10 weeks And now at 13 weeks! How far along? 13 weeks Size of Babies: Peach sized Total weight gain/loss: I originally lost 10 lbs, but am back up 3. Symptoms: Fatigue, food aversions, … [Continue reading]

We Have News to Report!

  So, now that I am finally into my second trimester, we can tell everyone!!!   We found out right away that I was pregnant. In fact, I kind of felt it.  We were in Chicago on a trip for A's work when I took a test... and it was … [Continue reading]

Lupus and Pregnancy

I've always known I've wanted children.  It's never been a question in my mind, I just knew it would be somewhere in my future.  However, once I learned of my lupus diagnosis I had a lot of questions about whether it would be even be possible. At … [Continue reading]

12 Tips on Staying Inspired

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A New Adventure.

Yesterday, I got in to see my newest friend... a gastroenterologist! Due to some digestive issues, he recommended I start a low FODMAP diet.  I started today. Tomorrow I am having a liver biopsy.  What a lousy way to get a day off work!  The GI … [Continue reading]

Are You a Perfectionist?

Some facets of my thinking are very black and white. All or nothing.  I am like this with a lot of things. I tend not to do something unless I can do it perfectly.  Unfortunately this doesn't always work very well with me in the real world. :) I … [Continue reading]